Created on January 23rd, 2010 upon the meeting of young women sharing the same passion and drive for events, Lys Events has grown steadily for the past five years focusing on clients’ satisfaction.

With a team full of dynamism and creativity, building on their combined experience, Lys Events has deepen its knowledge and is now providing high-standard, tailored-made and budget-fit marketing solutions for companies, NGO, individuals and organizations.

The high-standard services provided by Lys Events to each client are the results of the fine balance between creativity, attention to details, expertise of the Vietnamese market and a strong network.

The founders

Built on both the Vietnamese and the French cultures, Lys Events brings a unique point of view in projects. In respect of the values of both cultures that saw us grow, our appetite for modern trends has helped us design projects with flair and elegance while respecting each brand own values.

With our differences and qualities put together, Lys Events team shares a common drive for each project’s success. We consider projects are opportunities for us to learn, grow stronger with our clients and create the best-suited innovative solution for our clients.

Lê Nguyễn Hoàng Vân

Ms. Van worked several years in the marketing department of Vietnamese, Asian and French companies before founding Lys Events. Her experience mainly focused on elaborating and implementing marketing strategies for which her insights and creativity have always been praised. Last but not least, her very strong connections with Vietnamese authorities are a very valuable asset to Lys Events making all projects run smoothly.




Thái Tú Thơ

Ms. Tu Tho is the « French touch » of Lys Events. Her background being a double major in General Engineering and Project Manager, she has started her career managing all technical issues for Trade Fairs. Her events were praised as being the perfect balance between European and Asian cultures as she was counselling numerous French companies entering the Vietnamese market. Last but not least, her strong connections with Foreign Authorities in Vietnam are a very valuable asset for Lys Events to conduct successful cooperation campaigns.


Team members

Nguyễn Thanh Lân

Mr. Lan has an extensive experience in operations and team management while working for several agencies. His expertise lays in direct marketing and activation since it’s where operations are at the very core of success. Over the years, he has acquired a deep knowledge and understanding of the Vietnamese FMCG market, especially for international brands from Coca-Cola, Neslté and Unilever. His operations being nationwide, he has also built a strong network with local authorities in each region. 


Trần Thu Hương

Ms. Huong is proactive team leader while her focus being her clients’ satisfaction. She is hightly praised for keeping her cool and professionalism while working under high pressure. For the past 3 years, she has been developing and implementing 360° marketing campaigns for clients such as Samsung, Vien Thong A, DHL, Diageo, TH, etc. Her energy will sure make your projects move forwards.